Love For Amy

> Who is This Girl?

I’m now a San Franciscan of five years. I grew up and went to school on the east coast, New Jersey and Brooklyn respectively. I’m a graphic designer, and have been working for myself for the past year and a half. I like to dance, ride my bicycle (although now I’m in the market for a new one since my lovely gold glittery Bridgestone was just destroyed), do yoga, paint (see “My Art” page) and get all political with the League of Pissed Off Voters.

I am a veteran at bicycle accidents, see “My First Accident” for more on that. This time I’m in way worse shape than I was after my run-in with an 18-wheeler and am pulling out all the stops to get help financially, legally, and emotionally (from friends making me dinner, to good music recommendations.)

My graphic design is mostly political and community work. I feel like if I’m helping people that are out there fighting a good fight and helping their fellow neighbors have a high quality of life while not trashing the earth and stepping on people to make a buck, then I feel good. If I can do that by making them a good lookin’ logo, or an attractive flyer, then my job is done. I also like working with musicians, fellow artists, massage therapists and acupuncture therapists (are you seeing the bartering trend here?).


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