Love For Amy

> The Party!

Friday night was such a hit, in so many ways. This was more than I ever hoped for. So many talented artists and artisans pulled through at the last minute, Fedex made a drop off to me on Thursday before the show that was like Christmas! And there was an abundance of help on Friday night as well. People just showed up to the Balazo Gallery and did everything for me. I sat in pain and tried to give some direction to the many friends that came out to help. I held court in a comfy chair most of the night and had people come talk to me, which was a genius idea. Friends would force me to sit down if they saw me standing for too long. Bombshell Betty and the Burlesqueteers surprised and pleased everyone with a great new number and “Miserlou”. About 8 girls showed up to perform, and I had a front row seat! Food was provided by Marc and Julian and included basil sugar cookies to die for, spicy split pea soup, and turnip cake that each chef made frequent trips through the crowd passing out their delectable creations. The night was a huge success and wouldn’t be possible without the love and contribution of so many people. Thank you all for your help, your time, and your generosity!

much love,




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