Love For Amy

> The Injuries

Here’s a list of what I can remember, and what I’m going through now:

– partially detached right ear, sewn back on, still hearing is muffled

– fractured skull, requiring constant wear of a neck brace for two months

– fractured C1, and C2 vertebrae

– right jaw problems from landing on that side of my head, painful to chew

– bruised face – HEALED!

– irritation from neck brace on upper back and chin, it cuts into my chin when I sleep

– lacerated liver (level 3, 4 being the worst)

– injured lung – HEALED!

– fingers and hands badly bruised, making it hard to write, lift a glass of water and turn a door knob

– HUGE laceration on my left upper hamstring, requires nurse care every other day, wound was almost two inches deep into my leg and about 4 inches across

– lacerations all over lower back

– damaged tail bone, excruciating to stand, sit, and walk. only gets relief from heating pad (thank you Gina!) and lying on my side

– abrasions on right knee, still numb and swollen over a month later

– my second toe nail of my left foot got ripped off, makes it very painful to walk


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