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> My First Accident

Exactly three years ago, and I mean EXACTLY THREE YEARS AGO (on September 24th 2004, my recent accident was September 23rd!) I was run over by an 18 wheeler on Folsom and 8th Street in San Francisco. That was my first hit and run. I came up to a stop light in the bike lane and pulled up next to an 18-wheeler that had no turn signal on. So I assumed he was going straight, as was I. Always assume people are going to be assholes, and you should be fine. Since I assumed he wasn’t turning, I start to go when the light turns green, and so does he. But then he throws a little surprise at me and starts to turn right in front of me, leaving me no where to go but under the rear wheels of his trailer. He flipped me off my mountain bike, pinned me underneath it and proceeded to run over my front wheel. My frame broke completely in half, crushing my left leg with the back bike wheel.

I remember my helmeted head coming no where near the ground as I prayed that I would be able to dance (not walk) again! That’s all I was thinking as I was being run over “Shiiiit!!! I hope I can still dance after this!!!” When a kind citizen stopped to help me, they took my cell phone and asked who in my family they should call. I cried, feeling my distance from my east coast parents and sister. But quickly said “call Joan!” whose office I had just left. Her salutation of “it was such a pleasure to have you working here in the office, you’re really part of the family, call us any time you need anything” was still fresh in my ears. I’ve worked with Joan and Aunt Lute Books for years, from home, and had just finished working in-house typesetting a 1,500 page book. She never would have guessed I’d take her up on her offer so quickly! This was the start to a great lesson in accepting other’s help and that “family” doesn’t just mean mom, dad, and sister.

That asshole hit and ran. Yes, he knew he hit me. He stopped half a block away, in the middle of the block, not at a light. I heard one of the witnesses say to the police on the phone “yes, he’s stopped, he’s half a block away”. But he had taken off before the cops got there, and no one, NO ONE out of the half dozen kind people that stopped to help me got the license plate. Luckily the state helped pay some of my bills, since it was a hit and run felony. If you or a loved one ever gets into a situation where they are the victim of a violent crime in California, send them here for help.

I survived Hit and Run Number One with a severely broken left ankle that required a titanium pole and six screws to mend (and no I do not set off metal detectors because of my bionic ankle). I have permanent bruising on that foot, and it is constantly swollen.

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