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Completely exhausted, but had to share the good news
December 28, 2007, 7:15 am
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Today was a long day, filled with friends and hospital visits. It started at 8:00am with a much appreciated cold, early trip to SF General with a good friend, way better than a cab to start the day. I was in tears to hear the news that I was free to take off the neck brace that had been imprisoning me for the past 3 months. The first thing I did was take a nice big stretch using my full range of motion in my arms. It’s amazing how everything feels and how much I can appreciate things like turning around and stretching my arms out. Movement I’ve always taken for granted is now a gift. I had about three more hours in the hospital this morning, in the Pain Clinic and pharmacy. Then it was an awesome afternoon with another wonderful friend doing some City Car Share errands, trying to take it as easy as possible. Moving in this new body is amazing, I can’t wait to rebuild my muscles with yoga, I know that will be the best cure for what’s ailing my body and mind. So, my eyes are tired, as is the rest of me after one last trip to the  hospital pharmacy to pick up my prescriptions. I had to let you all know that good news and thank all of you for helping me throughout all of this and your continued love is much needed!




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hey,,,this is face. so nice to see you out of the halo!!!!! i cant wait to say hello and give you a hug!!

hope to see you sooner than later!

peace and blessings!

face (art deko)

Comment by tatamy

that is super amazing news!! i’m so happy for you amy. despite all the hardships and pain you’ve suffered, you never cease to amaze me with your positive spirit. you look radiant! xoxo

Comment by Eddie Codel

Hey beautiful girl!! Now you’re shinin’ for real. Take things slow for awhile…soon you’ll be dancing again. Big “gentle” hug.

Comment by Judy

New year…new beginnings…new hope. Be well. Love you.

Comment by Judy

oh look at you! i didn’t hear about your recent freedom from the evil neck thing so i am glad i checked back here for some news. yay! and a great picture of you as well, other commentors aren’t kidding, you are glowing 😉

Comment by margot

Woohoo! You look super happy in the pic – I’m so glad you’re out of the halo and ready to kick some ass!

Comment by connie

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