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Yes, Amy DOES cry
December 20, 2007, 8:21 pm
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This has been an especially challenging week. Emotionally and mentally it has been a nightmare. We went to the sentencing this week for the monster that ran me over and while I’m not at liberty to give details (since the protection of the juvenile involved is of utmost importance in the eyes of the law)  let’s just say the light tap she got on the wrist will be served and finished way before I’m back on a bike. I cannot accept this and will be spending a portion of my time and energy over the next couple years seeking redemption. They were way too easy on the girl who impaled me with her hood ornament. That wound I have on my upper left thigh, it’s from me being impaled on the hood of her truck, that’s why she had to shake me off (before she ran me over on her way to escape). I’m already saying too much because I have to be mindful and respectful about her right to privacy. If you can’t taste the sarcasm, I must warn you this entry is covered with a two-inch frosting of the stuff. It’s part of my coping mechanism these days as all of it seems so ridiculous, like a big joke is being played on me, but it’s not. It’s real, and it stinks.


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No justice….no peace. We love you, have hope. Healing seems to take forever…but is happens.

Comment by Judy

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