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Care Package
October 31, 2007, 8:05 am
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This was the SECOND care package from my good friend Gina in the same day! The first one consisted of fresh made vegan peanut butter cookies that made me insane, meaning I couldn’t stop thinking about them they were so freakin’ good. Homemade pumpkin/squash curry which I have yet to try, two kinds of organic fresh juices to chase away an impending cold I feel a-comin and a bag of fresh figs from her parent’s tree.


Now this here is the second care package which ROCKED MY WORLD:

1. Enchanted Unicorn Bandages with free toy inside

?. I’ll get to later.

2. Homeopathic flu remedy and throat coat teas (for impending cold)

3. Grow a Lawyer (for impending legal hell)

All wrapped in the cutest pink with black polka dots tissue paper you’ve ever seen, oh and tied together perfectly with a black fabric ribbon.

Now the questionable element is the razor blade attached, with glitter tape, to the Enchanted Unicorn Bandages. What exactly does this mean? Is it a test to see if I’m quick enough to get the Enchanted Unicorn on my wrist before it’s too late? Does she know me that well to know that I will in fact spew rainbows and unicorns from any wound? I thought only I knew that. I bet you’ll never guess what the razor is for. But I’d love to hear you try!


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Please reveal the secret of the razor….hope it is for a positive purpose. Maybe to open more “care packages”? I know I put much to much tape on mine. But you always enjoyed a challenge!

Comment by Judy Woloszyn

Alrighty, Ms. Amy, you HAVE to tell what you know about this blade! I am going with what Judy said, it’s about all the packages you *have* to open…

I have known ALWAYS that if you were to bleed that unicorns and rainbows would come out! That being said, I think you have left out the sunbeams, twinkle stars, and fuzzy, baby animals…I mean, come on…YOU bleeding is like a *bad* day on!

Smooches, Amy-la!!!

Gimme a ring when you can…

Comment by whysayno

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