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Best thing someone said to me today
October 30, 2007, 1:12 am
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Each day is actually filled with favorite lines from friends and loved ones. Today though, a friend emailed me this, and I loved it so much I wanted to make it in BOLD FACE ON THE FRONT PAGE OF THIS SITE:

“What a totally shitty, sucky situation, but I will be honest in saying that I’m glad you’re dealing with this as opposed to us dealing with no more you.”


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Wow, A,
What an incredible writer you are. (Note I didn’t say blogger.) I think it’s really important to record these types of experiences because they will just become hazy with time, as the psyche is programmed to make them.

Hang tough, Little Kitten!

Comment by Sloe Gin Sally

“When you are recovering and fear you’ll never be the same again….calamate corazon…..remember, the cut always heals and the new skin is even tougher”

Comment by JENNA

And SOOO many of us feel the same way, even though we may not have the poetry to express it. I know, for myself, that the world is blessed because we are here together helping you through this difficult time, instead of us living here without you. Amy-la, you have been a large beam of sunshine in my live for some time, and I am very thankful for it.

Hugs, kisses, and rockin’ out when yer ready!!!

much luv,

Comment by whysayno

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